Marble Bust Of Isaac Holden


An incredible hand carved, 19thc marble bust of Isaac Holden, a Scottish textile inventor and industrialist.

The detail of the carving is exceptional especially of his flowing beard.

In very good, solid condition with no damage and very minimal age related wear.

The pedestal is inscribed.

Isaac Holden was born into poverty in Glasgow and was best known for his work both in developing the square motion wall combing machine and as a radical Liberal member of parliament.

He went on to set up wool mills in Bradford and France, and by the 1870s his factories in England and France were the largest wool combers in the world.

Holden became extremely rich and celebrated his success by building a country mansion “Oak Worth House” near Keighley.

Holdens philanthropy was largely concentrated on building Wesleyan Chapels, he pledged £35,000 to build 50 chapels in London and become a radical Liberal MP in 1865.

In 1893 at the age of 86 he was created Baronet.

He died in August 1897 aged 90.

Origin: British

Period: 1890s


Height: 76cm

Width: 52cm

Depth: 32cm