French Cafe Trade Sign


A stunning, large 19thc hand painted, French trade sign with a strange history.

The sign has the most amazing colours with an ebonised frame.

An orange and red shadow font reads “Cafe De La Bretonne A.Dagorn”.

The cafe which was situated in Northern France became a meeting place American soldiers after their involvement of the liberation of Europe during WW11.

The owner, Mademoiselle A.Dagorn by all accounts was a bit of a wild one, known for throwing parties with much debauchery.

The story goes that one night the soldiers had a huge drinking party and the cafe turned into a huge night of debauchery with Mademoiselle Dagorn being at the centre of it all.

Local accounts say it became out of hand and spilled out into the streets.

The next day the cafe did not open as usual, since that night it never opened again.

The doors remained locked and Mademoiselle Dagorn was never seen again.

Facades the property was

Origin: French